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3 years ago

Pulling Specific Numbers from an Embedded Report

I have an Embedded Report in a table called "Sign Types" the report is for Time Reports (by individual and department).  I need to pull the total time spent, by department, from this report and insert it elsewhere.  The goal is to track over time how long each department spends on certain sign types to assist with estimations in the future.  I tried using a formula numeric field for this but I can't reference the fields in my embedded report.

Here is a screen shot:
Black is sensitive employee or client information
Yellow is the numbers I need access to in a different field
Red is text I need it associated with

I was thinking of making new fields; something like "Total Time Spent - Graphics" where it is populated with (in this case) 9.5

Michael Jameson

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  • No problem, just go  to the relationship and make a Summary field called

    Total Time Spent - Graphics

    Make a total of the time and filter based on the department.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)