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12 months ago

QB Automations -is it now QB Actions?

When I used Quickbase previously, I had set up automations to update records based on certain criteria. I no longer see "Automations", I only see "Quickbase Actions". Has this replaced the Automations feature? When I attempt to create a new action, the only option that I see is to have it create a new record based on criteria. I would like it to update a record instead. The "Add Action" options default to "add a record" and if I click the drop down, it has "Edit related records" is greyed out. I attempted to select the table and criteria to see if it would then be able to select, but it was still greyed out. What am I missing? TIA! 

  • In case you need addt'l info on the action I'm wanting to create: 
    • If the "Amt Paid" is $0 and the review date is not blank, update the field "filing status" to "not applicable"

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