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8 months ago

QB Plugin File Manager not working on Mobile

Hi All,

I hope this is an easy fix. I have downloaded the file manager plugin, it works fine on web version, but i have no ability to use the plugin when i login on my iphone. There is simply a large rectangle that says Qb Plugin-Launch File Manager but there is no "Upload Files" button. Does anyone know why this might happen?

Thanks so much!

Bailey Desormeaux

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  • I'm experiencing the same issue.  Not sure if you were able to get an answer or find a fix. 

    Julius Smith
  • I would be willing to bet it doesn't work on mobile, and is probably planned to only work on the new forms, once they are released on mobile.

    Quickbase has been very public in saying they will put zero work into their current mobile platform, as they are focusing all their efforts on rolling out the new forms on mobile. I have been a very vocal critic of their strategy, as they have been saying this since I started developing 4 years ago. In 4 years they have not even fixed a single mobile bug, or done a single shred of work on the current mobile platform. If this frustrates you as much as me, please speak up to your rep and lets get QB to listen to its customers!

    Mike Tamoush