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12 months ago

QB Suggestion for 'Reminder' emails


I use email reminders and, in most cases, my default reports are somewhat large and render horribly as the inline email report.   Has there been a suggestion submitted to be able to select a custom report rather than have the reminders default to the default report?   If not I'd like to submit that suggestion: Allow the selection of a custom report rather than defaulting to the default report for email reminders.    

If there is currently a way to get around the default report today please let me know as I'm not aware.  

Thank you,


Barbara Alvarez

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  • One suggestion is to trim down the size of the default report, but I do agree with your suggestion.  The place to put in suggestions so you know they will be read by Product Managers is on the My Apps page and at the extreme left side of the page there is a blue tab for Give Feedback.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • I will 100% upvote this! Link if you create the feedback.

    Mike Tamoush