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3 years ago

Quickbase and Docusign pipeline question

I am trying to use the pipeline between Quickbase and Docusign to allow a user to upload (or provide a link) to a docusign document that is ready for signatures once a record has reached a certain point of approval. The problem is that the documents will vary from record to record so there is no way to use a template or standard document set and it looks attaching/requesting signatures in the Docusign pipeline is limited to template type documents. Someone will be manually prepping each document for signatures in docusign but the ultimate goal is for the person who is signing the document to be able to access a link or the document through the Quickbase record. Is this possible with the existing pipeline or is there a 3rd party add on that could accomplish this? 

Thanks in advance.

Peter Krasznekewicz

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    I have deployed the Juiced product at clients.  It works well.

    Don Larson
    Westlake OH
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      Me too.  
      My take this is that it mis now possible to use Pipelines to natively connect to DocuSign sign but you probably need to be much more of a DocuSign expert to get it configured properly especially where there is workflow involved as to the sequence of who signed the document when and which parties are copied at various points along the signature chain.

      With Juiced, while there is a setup cost and a monthly cost they grind though all those setup parameters for you.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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  • Hi Peter,
      we offer 3rd party add-ons for Quickbase:
    • Exact Forms Plus will allow you to create dynamic PDF's from yiour Quickbase data
    • DocuSIgn for Quickbase can take that PDF file created by Exact Forms Plus and route it to DocuSign for signature

    Keith Jusas
    Juiced Technologies, Inc.
    Ronkonkoma NY