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Qrew Cadet
6 years ago

Quickbase and WordPress integration

We currently have half of our data stored on a WordPress site, and half of it stored on Quickbase. We'd like to move to fully having Quickbase be the "source of truth" for our other applications. Is there a way to push data from Quickbase to WordPress? 

For example, we have recipes, their price, and their picture that we'd like displayed as Products on our website. 

I have found that we can pretty easily connect Quickbase to view what's in Wordpress, but is there a way to do the reverse, and drive Wordpress from Quickbase? 

I've heard Zapier does something like this possibly? 

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  • Hi Kate,

    I do know that Zapier does have an integration with Word Press, though some of it will be dictated by what exactly you need in that integration. They do have a webpage that talks over the integration options a bit more:

    I believe it goes over a few examples of what you want to trigger and then what it should do based on those triggers.