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6 months ago

Quickbase API - SOAP Envelope

Hello everyone!

Hoping this awesome community can help me out,

I'm trying to develope an integration between my Quickbase app and a external application called Fluig.

For this propuse, a dataset was developed to receive the data that we now include in quickbase so that it is also automatically included in the other platform.

To achieve this purpose, a request model based on an XML Soap envelope was developed by this third party company towards an endpoint based from an external WSDL.

My question is: is it possible to make requests and transmissions of XML-type data in a Soap envelope through the channels available in the Quickbase pipelines module or through the conventionals APIs? How should i start? 

And, additionaly, it will be possible to referenciate one specfic tag of the expected response of the xml?

Bellow and excerpt exemple of my soap envelope model:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ws="">









         <colleagueIds> </colleagueIds>










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  • Part one of this is probably the easy part. You can user the Webhooks Channel in Pipelines, specifically the 'Make Request' action in that channel to make your request. There is the option under content-type for XML, everything else you'd need to configure would just be based on the specific API request body and other components that you need and you shouldn't have much issue. .

    Parsing the response might be another matter. By default Pipelines will let you interact with the response payload - but its really only easily setup for JSON or raw responses given the simple target syntax. You can get the contents of the response no problem, but you'll have to get pretty inventive with Jinja or regex to try and pluck out the specifics of the response. Pipelines won't give you an easy mapping to specific Tags that you can just drag and drop. Worst comes to worst and the response is small enough you could just log it to Quickbase and formulaically parse the tags you want. 

    Chayce Duncan
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      Thank you so much for your response Chayce!

      Just to make sure that i'm in the correct path,

      Could you please confirm if I should use the paramethers bellow?

      • Webhook Channel
        • Make a Request (Action)
          • URL: my WSDL endpoint
          • Method: Post
          • Content Type: Application/xml
          • Body: My soap envelope

      As for the method POST, i'm just not sure if i should use this specific method as my API documentation states that there is an exclusive method for this API - but that's another matter that i can deal with their support.

      I thank you in advance!

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        Conceptually yes, that is all accurate. You'll need to make adjustments to the body and such to your point about the specific API endpoint but beyond that that should be your starting point. 

        Chayce Duncan