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3 years ago

QuickBase interaction with PowerBI's incremental refresh

I have my QuickBase apps connected to Microsoft PowerBI. The issue is that when I set up PowerBI to automatically refresh the data from QuickBase, the system times out before it can be completed. I am going to upgrade to PowerBI Premium Per User which offers incremental refresh capabilities, BUT it needs to be connected to a back-end system that supports Power Query's query folding requirements. Here's a summary of what Query Folding is:

Query folding - Incremental refresh is designed for data sources that support query folding, which is Power Query's ability to generate a single query expression to retrieve and transform source data. Most data sources that support SQL queries support query folding. Data sources like flat files, blobs, and some web feeds often do not.

Microsoft Documentation:

The question I have is whether QuickBase will support query folding. 

Warren Willits
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