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3 years ago

QuickBase Security Roles


I wanted to get some clarification on how QuickBase gives users access that are in multiple security roles. I understand that roles  that are higher on the list of roles will trump the role lower down on the list but is there any other terms?
For example, I have two roles. One is called the Schedule Manager and the other is called the Document Manager. The Schedule Manager role has access to the Schedule table only. The Document Manager role has access to the Document table only. On the list of roles, the Schedule Manager is above the Document Manager role. It would make sense that if a user had access to the roles listed, wouldn't they have access to both tables? Today, the user only has access to one table even if user is in both roles.

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  • There are two different concepts in Roles and permissions.

    When a user is in multiple rules the system will give the user the most access possible in terms of permissions to view edit add  and delete records.

    But you are right that when it comes to which dashboard the user lands on or which table icons are visible to the user then that is determined by the highest role they are in. As you have probably discovered you can drag and drop the rolls up and down in the hierarchy sequence.

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