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2 years ago

Quickbooks invoice pipeline issue

Is anyone having trouble with Quickbooks invoice pipelines?

I had been using the solution here which had been working correctly in the pipeline since 2020.  Now I am getting this error every time I run it: Validation error: Incorrect template "{{b.amount}}". ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'amount'
.  If i try to remove the 'amount' field then I just get the same error for a different field.

Quickbase support has not been helpful at this point.  Thoughts?

Jessica Feauto

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  • Hi Jessica,
    Perhaps check that the field type for [Amount] that you're mapping to the QuickBooks 'amount' field is a numerical field and not a text representation of a number.

    Ryan Farrington
    Graphic designer, project manager, copywriter, engraver, internal Quick Base developer