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8 months ago

Rate Increase

I've tried numerous times to get them to help with the 70% price increase because we are so small and don't need 20 users to no avail.  They are hard lined that they only want the large clients and not us - smaller businesses.  

If you need to contact upper management regarding your own price increase; some of their emails are:;;;;;;;;;;;;

I've canceled with my 30 day notice but they are making me pay until November 25th because that is when my monthly billing begins!  This is on the verge of criminal.  I've been with QuickBase since they began - very sad.

I'm going back to ACT!    Act! Pricing – On-premises and Cloud-based Options

Only reason I left was I wanted web based and they were slow to develop.  They do have pricing for less number of users.


Liz Kaminski - LK Marketing, LLC