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3 years ago

Record ID key field

Hi All,

Please can you confirm if after changing the Record ID (which is also a key field) name for a different name there will be no impact on the formulas and relationship?

Thank you.

Iryna Pylypenko

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  • There will be no impact on formulas in relationships by such a change. It is possible that changing a field name would cause a pipeline to fail but the failure scenarios are not well documented for that.

    However I personally find it unconventional to change the name of the Record ID field. I understand that it is a great field to use for auto numbering for example for orders or tickets, but what I personally prefer to do is to make a mirror field called say [ticket number] which has the formula of [Record ID].  

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Changing a field name will almost 100% cause Pipeline failures, they go by name not FID shockingly in some or all of it. I know it shows the FID but I have had many failures from a simple name change.

      In order to fix your Pipeline I cannot give exact steps for everything but I can give a general idea to work with. Go into it and refresh your schema. Then go to the step in the Pipeline that has your changed field in it. You may need to remove and re-add the field here, in addition to making sure the rest of the steps use it correctly again.

      I may have missed some steps there but mess with refreshing the schema and adding/removing the field that changed. Sometimes all you have to do is refresh the schema and click into the field list and it updates then, for each step you need to do that.