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2 years ago

Record "Last Modified" Date

Our admin support team wants to know when a record was last modified except if certain fields were modified. As far as I know:
  • one way to track this is to use email notifications that fire if a record was modified except for certain fields
  • there are fields that can track when they, individually, were modified, but we'd have to change almost every field in the table to that type of field, which we don't want to do
...but they want a field they can sort by in reports that reflects this. I'm not sure there's any native way to do this, or even if there is a 3rd party add-in that enables this, but I told them I'd post a question about this. Any ideas?

Thank you!!!

Amber Pollard

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  • You can create a Pipeline (or for a few more days an automation) trigger under the appropriate trigger fields and record the current date into a date field.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)