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3 years ago

Records not auto populating in default report

I have a table-to-table relationship set up as follows:
Organization -< Sites -< Contacts 

The issues I have are:
1. I am not able to get parent information, in this case, Sites records to Contacts. I am trying to populate the Sites key field into the Contacts table default report page.  I have specified the reference and proxy field, the related reference key fields are correct and match the parent table's reference key, the relationship created is good too. I can't seem to find out where the problem lies. 

2. I am trying to bring grandparents' info into my grandchild's report page, in this case, Organization info into Contacts. I want to do this without creating an additional relationship between these two. As mentioned above, I can't seem to populate that information on the grandchild's report home page. 

Thank you in advance!

D. Tamang

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  • When you build a relationship; you must still "populate" the records with the parent information.

    In your screenshot, neither the Related Reference field; nor the Proxy have a data value in them to "connect" to the parent record.

    Laura Thacker IDS
  • In terms of your second question, once you get the children link to the parent if you want to bring down fields from the Grandparent parent down to the Grandchild you just do a "double hopper" lookup.  Lookup up Org data down to Sites and then a new lookup field form Sites down to Contacts.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)