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12 months ago

Redirect/Trigger Pipeline After Closing Pop-up

I currently have a formula rich text button in an app that I am using to open an Import window in a pop-up, then using the data-refresh option to refresh the page after the pop-up is closed. Is there any way without a code page to have the page be redirected to another URL after closing the pop-up instead of just refreshing?

My use case is that I want to automatically trigger a Pipeline after the import process is complete. If I just trigger the Pipeline based on individual records being added, I'm running into issues of the Pipeline running multiple times simultaneously and creating conflicts and duplicate records. So my plan is to have the button open the Import window, let people run the full import, then use an API call to check a box on the form, which will subsequently trigger my Pipeline. I have a second button I can use for the API_EditRecord, but ideally would like to avoid the additional click.

Oana Whalen
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