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6 months ago

Relevant data from one table showing on the corresponding record of another table

Table 1 (Request): has unique records designated by a report name.

Table 2 (Open Items): has open items or tasks that are relevant to Request items

Relationship was built to where the request is the parent and could have several open items or tasks associated.  

How can i get report on parent to show only relevant open items associated with a specific report.  The relationship built allows us to associate the report name, however the report is pulling all open items records and not just the ones associated with a specific record from parent table. 

Edward Torralba

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  • It sounds like you may be using New Style forms. With a new style forms you need to specify the report, which you have done,  but then a further down in the panel you will also want to specify the report link field which is part of that relationship so that it will filter the report to only those records associated with the parent record.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)