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28 days ago

Remove the save button when from new forms format when applying I-forms (IFV=1) #354382

I posted this feedback in hopes of getting attention of R&D, but it has been more than 5 months since the new forms were released.

I'm certain I'm not the only person using Iforms. The failure to make the new forms capable to remove all user access but what is required for better handling of large populations of users for input is inhibiting every Quickbase developer from moving forward with new forms. Any work done to build out new forms results in a backlog to have to either go back and use a legacy form, or simply wait to release the new functionality in our apps.

My hope in posting this here is to raise awareness that there is a feedback items out there that needs your support by acknowledging it, and ask you to also comment here to expand awareness.

It's best practice to transition to new forms and features to allow Quickbase to grow and improve. It should be best practice for R&D to complete the task in a reasonable period of time when asking customers to use their new features. 

Please raise your voice and be heard!