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Qrew Cadet
7 years ago

Remove totals column from summary report

I have a summary report that I use to summarize information by week.  I would like to only display the previous 4 weeks, but when I do this the "Totals" column just shows those 4 weeks for totals which is confusing based on what is displaying for other reports on the dashboard.

I know that you can remove the totals row.  Is there a way to remove the totals column in a summary report?

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    Qrew Assistant Captain
    Quick Base, please, please give us the ability to remove this.  I'd rather have the ability to remove the column than the row!

    Tate Forgey
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      Qrew Cadet

      Hi Quickbase, it's been a few years since this post.... but I for one REALLY want to be able to remove the totals column on the far right. Extremely meaningless and somewhat confusing on some of my reports which use rich text summaries to create words.

      Matt Stephens
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        Qrew Member

        Agreed. In some cases the totals column(s) in a summary report are simply incorrect, such as when reporting return on investment or certain other percentages. Those cannot simply be totaled. They have to be recalculated based on the aggregated data.

        James Calloway
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    The summary report has to 'total' or 'average' something.... so I'm not sure I follow your request to remove that...
  • I am talking about the built in Total's column that Quick Base creates that totals all the displayed "total columns".
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    Qrew Captain
    Yes, by default a "summary report" is going to total something and group them together.

    Is there some other value that you can 'summarize' as to show the value you are looking for?

    Or maybe a different type of report to help have the impact you are looking for?
    (hard to tell without a use case or more context)
  • The summary report would still calculate the totals for each week.  I just do not want it to display the overall total column that totals all the weeks that Quick Base automatically creates.

    It seems like there should be an option to remove the overall total column like you can remove the total row, but I guess not.
  • would love to see an option to remove the OVERALL total column. It's confusing for the user if they just want to see a 2 year comparison for example. They always ask me "why are there 3 years on my report"? <rolling eyes>
  • I agree, if you put in a User Voice I would give you some votes. 

    There is an option to remove the "Totals" but by that they mean the totals at the bottom, but not the totals to the right side.  I have many summary reports where conceptually those right side totals are meaningless and hence confusing.
  • I was looking for the same thing and thought i would post the resolution just in case others have this same question...

    You should be able to un-check the "Display a total of this field in reports" in the related field settings
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      Qrew Trainee
      I am looking for the same resolution, I have tried what Aaron has suggested but doesn't seem to work. 

      Anyone else have any luck?

      Nigel Ho