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2 months ago

Rename existing entries in a table

Is there an easy way to rename all historical records in a field (similar to a find/replace in Excel)?  We've changed the name of a specific group of people: Something along the lines of "reporters" will now be called "reporting party". In addition to changing the text option in the dropdown for newly created records moving forward, is there a way to do find/replace type function within QuickBase for all existing records?  I suppose I could export all records, change them in excel and the import them back, but there are a lot of existing records and I'd prefer to do this within QuickBase if possible.

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    Go ahead and change the text option, then I think the fastest way would be to create a report with all of the records where (group_field) includes "reporters", then opening it in Grid Edit mode. You can change the first record to "Reporting Party", then right click the column name and select "Fill Down" to change the records. You may have to do this a couple of times if you have thousands of records. 


    Otherwise, exporting would likely be your other fastest option. 

  • There is a find and replace function native in Quickbase. Create a report with all the records you want to change (in your case, likely you can simply use List All). Go to the 3 dots in the upper right and select 'Find and Replace in these records'.