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2 years ago

Reoccuring Tasks - Still No Solution


Below is a YouTube of something I want to do so badly for one of my tables, and I cannot figure out how to configure it to my tables. 
The examples he provided are tailored to his table.

Please help! 
I have reached out to QuickBase support as well, and they've been trying to do something for over a month, it is something I need sooner than later, and this is exactly the way I want it, I just can't read the code well enough.


Update* I still haven't received any kind of help. SOS?

Savi Newman

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  • Savi,

    I think I have found everything you need by digging around Kirk's other apps.

    Step 1:   Copy this App Token into your Application 


    Step 2:  Create a Formula URL field in your table where you want to generate the recurring tasks - this is the button that will launch the Code Page you want.  Make sure you update the datefid from 8 to the correct Field ID# value of your [date] field in your table.

    URLRoot() &"db/9kaw8phg" & "?a=dbpage&dbid=" & Dbid() &"&rid=" & [Record ID#] & "&datefid=8" & "&pagename=recurring.html"

    Unfortunately, because we do not have direct access to the original Code Page(s), we are limited to generate up to 50 records.

    I found the "instructions" in this App on the exchange: ABC Employee Vacation and PTO Tracker which includes a "recurringhotwto.html" Page in it.  Unfortunately, the link on the instruction Page launches a Code Page to "create the button" in your app (step 2 above) - but because the original Code Page was created to use a javascript-pop-up window; the code page fails to run properly.  You can bypass this step by following my Step 1 and Step 2 though, although you will not have direct access to the original Source Pages to deploy in your own apps.

    Hopefully this gets you the results you want.

    Laura Thacker (IDS)
    (626) 771 0454
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      This answer was so promising, I have been using and fiddling with it for a while now, I seem to be struggling to personalize anything to my own realm. 
      I am such a novice at this.

      Newman, Savi
  • Hi Savi,

    Kirk was a member of our team who was very technical and comfortable with diving into coding and gave this video as a reference for how code pages could be used to accomplish even more outside of standard Quickbase. That does mean it is outside of the realm of what our tech support team typically is able to help someone build.

    Looking back I saw in your previous messages you were having trouble reading his code? Was that the code from his code pages you were having trouble with or the formula field? I know that on that video he attached the two code page documents below as links you can access from dropbox.

    From there you would need to customize the code with your own DBIDs to get it to work for your specific application. While I can't go into the exhaustive list of things that need to be updated the most common things that typically need to be updated to get a code page rolling is references to things like the DBID (The ID of each table you are using), User Tokens, App Tokens, DBNames, etc. which in a code page that long can take a bit of work. There are partners who offer services that include developing solutions that might be able to help with coding like this.

    Evan Martinez
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      Savi, see this link below that is to signup for Office Hours which used to be Kirk's class

      But his son has now taken over. He is great at answering and helping out with all types of apps

      And any questions QuickBase related.


      Kirk was awesome! I miss our daily meetings online in Quickbase.

      But his son is great too and even has contact with Kirk for questions


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