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2 years ago

Report Across Tables By Date

I am trying to finalize my set up to look at my companies profit and loss in live time broken down by employee and monthly, quarterly and annual numbers.

I would like to  compare data across multiple tables and also be able to organize it by date from each table.  I am trying to avoid using "A summary of a specific field" with "matching criteria" set to during "Current Month" etc  The reason I am trying to avoid this is because I want to see the date written:
November 2022- $$$,
December 2022- $$$,
January 2023 $$$

We want to look back historically for productivity and if we use the above, we would need to set that summary field for every scenario and still would not be able to look at it all together as it is a moving target.

The hardest time I am having is filtering the information up to the parent table with a date attached to it. 

Here is my current set up.
Employee (Parent Table)
Employee Salary Expenses
Ancillary Expenses Related to Employee
Employee Revenue

Inside each of the child tables I have reports showing everything by employee per month, quarter, & year.

I want to view the data the same way in the parent table so that I can look at profit and loss per employee. Example:

Employee Table:
November 2022: Total Profit
December 2023: Total Profit
January 2024: Total Profit 
2022: Total Profit
2023: Total Profit
2024: Total Profit

I will also create a report that combines all employees on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to view the company as a whole.  

From here I want to send this information to a separate table that will subtract out company related expenses (different from employee related expenses). 

I feel like this may be able to be completed with a report link?  Honestly I am stuck. 

I appreciate any help on this long winded explanation of what I am trying to do. 

Joseph Mahon
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