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22 days ago

Report for Expired Training Records


We are trying to create an application to store Training Records.  Each Function is related to many Training Records.  Each Person is related to many Training Records.


[Person Name] (also known as "Trainee" in English speak)


[Function Name], [Revision Date]

Training Record

[Training Date], related [Function Name], related [Person Name] (from Person table)

We are seeking to build a Report of all Training Records  for which the latest Training Date (from Training Record Field for a given Trainee) is before the Revision Date from the related Function field.   (If a Person was trained to the Function in 2019, again in 2020, again in 2022, and again on 4/2/2024; only the 4/2/2024 latest training date is examined per the Function Name).  We don't want to display expired Training Records if there are newer (non-expired) Training Records to the same Function Name for the same Person Name.

What fields/relationships/summary fields/etc. need to be set up to make this work?  How do we do this?



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