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3 years ago

Report formula - multi-select text field

I am trying to add a report formula to get all records based on 2 different fields within the same table.  The first field type of a text lookup field, it displays a list of operating facilities.  Once I have the correct operating facility, I then want to get a list of records from  a multi-select field, both are in the same table.

For example:
Get all records for X operating facility 
Then list all records where status =

I have separate reports created for each operating facility, I prefer to have all my records related to each facility listed in separate report......

Any ideas of how to write this out?

Kelly Lyons

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  • Why don't you just make a table report sorted by Status, and then have a dynamic filter where you can limit the report to which ever operating facility you choose. You would probably also want to have the status be a dynamic filter as well. 

    If that doesn't solve your problem please explain a little more what the issue is.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      If you are still having issues just connect with me by regular email in my signature line and I will sort you out on a quick zoom call. I think you are just way overthinking this.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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    I believe you can achieve that through report filters

    Blanca Anderson