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Qrew Cadet
29 days ago

Report Formula for Header fields

Hi, I need a report formula that will change the header/column name to whatever year is "Year 1" based on a date (a start date, let's say).

How do you do that?

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  • You can rename the field using a Pipeline which will call the Quickbase API.  

    1. Create a set of fields which correspond to the field name(s) you need.  For example ToText(Year(Today())) would calculate to 2024 and might be called [Year 1 Field name].
    2. Create a Pipeline which will search the table to get the first record (any record will do) , so Limit the search to just 1 result. 
    3. Inside the For each loop, do a Make Request Step with this URL  and then drag down the field for [Year 1 Field name] 

    (set the xxxxxxx from the table's URL and the 999 to the fid of the field to be renamed)

    1. You will need an additional Make Request ste for every field that you want to rename.
    2. Run the Pipeline manually to confirm it works.
    3. Schedule it to run monthly.
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      Qrew Cadet

      I don't have access to pipelines. Any non-pipeline way?

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        Sort of.  You can use a webhook.  I can show you the syntax for that.  But the question would be what to use as a trigger as it needs to run I guess just once a year.  Do you want to push a button to trigger the renaming?