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2 years ago

Report link help, entering notes in a child table to show up on parent as well?

On my parent table, Accounts, I have a rich text field where we add account related notes.  
Is there a way to add this field to several child tables so that we can add notes related to the child record and then have it displayed on both tables?

For example, if I want to add a note to an Invoice (child table) and have that note "logged" into the Account notes field on the parent table as well how would I set that up?  And one step beyond, how can I show that the specific note is related to that specific child record?

I feel like it has something to do with report links, but can't seem to get it right. 

The screen shot below is on the parent table, we can enter notes into either field, the Account notes on top is a rich text field and below is the report link field which I am displaying directly on the form and it editable.  Ideally I just want to have the report link field show up on all the child tables to make is standard across the board.  We currently go to the activity table when in a child table to add the note.

Any help is appreciated!

Kelly Lyons
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