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6 months ago

report solution

I am looking for creative solutions to a request I received from our CFO.

I have a line/bar graph report in a child table that is not relevant until filtered by a parent record.  Therefore, on the graph is displayed on the parent record.

The CFO likes this graph but has asked, how she can see this report for each parent record side by side on one page or document.  

So far, the only solution I came up with is to create a separate report under the child table filtered for each parent record and then lay all those reports out on a dashboard.  I don't want to do this because it would mean that when we create a new parent record someone would need to create a new report and update the dashboard and the same if a parent record is removed.

Any ideas on how this can be done differently?

Hadassa Pam

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  • How many parents do you have? Unfortunately your options natively are going to be kind of limited. Your suggestion about creating a new report/updating the dashboard might be your only native option when it's all said and done given that what you're trying to do is loop through each parent and generate a report which isn't natively possible. 

    You could look into PowerBI potentially as an alternative where the reporting might be a little easier to slice and dice compared to Quickbase but I don't believe it'll have a built in feature that will do what you're asking. 

    The other option which might be the only one that does exactly what you're saying is a codepage and just code it yourself. You could use something like chart.js or other open source reporting library and loop through your parent records to generate each report you need. Then embed that codepage on a dashboard for view. 

    Chayce Duncan