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4 months ago

Reporting on a project--12 fields

We want to create a report per team that tracks what work is assigned to each person.  We have 12 fields on a resource tab that a person could be listed under.   How can a report be set up to show how many projects for that one person, or each person on a team when there are 12 different roles they could play on a project?

Kari Lang

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  • Are you looking for a report that you can give to that person that shows what project they're assigned on?  First off you'd want to get the 'user' value of each resource somehow and then you can create a field like 'My assignments' as a checkbox that might do something like: 

    var user currentUser = User();

    [Resource 1 User]=$currentUser or

    [Resource 2 User]=$currentUser or

    [Resource 3 User]=$currentUser or

    [Resource 4 User]=$currentUser or

    .... until you've listed them all

    Then you can make a report that looks at that field so that you can make any number of reports where it will easily filter to the person logged in. 

    If you're looking to roll it up by 'Team' - you'll need some kind of 'Team' table first off to start. Do you have something like that? 

    Chayce Duncan
  • Kari -

    I would really suggest that you replace your 12 user fields with an 'Assigned Resource' table that would be a child to your CPO Projects table. This new table would have a User field for the Resource and a relationship to the CPO Projects table. You could add additional fields if you wanted to track more information, such as their Role in the project or other relevant info.

    Moving to this structure would give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to assigning people to a project and then reporting on that.

    Blake Harrison
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