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2 years ago

Reports Pulling Data from 2 Tables at once


I have 2 tables that separate projects from  my internal team, and external team.

I would like to pull a single report that shows both entries and information regarding the projects in both tables.

However, it looks like I haven't found a way to do this. Can someone support me in identifying if this is possible?

Thank you so much

Anthony Wong

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  • I have an idea for this!  1) Create a 3rd table where both table can be combined.  Run a pipeline job to insert all data from the external table to the new table and another step to insert all data from the internal table to the new table.   2) Once this is done and the new table has all the data, add a Quickbase action in both tables that,  when a new project is added to either table,  will copy the new project to your 3rd new table.  

    Or if you didn't want to use a pipeline, you could export both tables to excel and import both to the new table.  Then continue updating with the Quickbase actions. 

    You now have a table with all projects for which you can create a report.

    Barbara Alvarez