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2 years ago

Reports within Reports

Anyone know of anyway to create a report on a parent table that lists records where a report for the child table that are associated with that record. (as opposed to the link option)


We have Tasks and Sub-Tasks where subtasks are the child records of the Tasks. We want to display the report of those subtasks within the report of the Tasks. 

I feel like this should be doable, but also maybe not. 


Ender Taylor

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  • Two thoughts.
    1. Create the report on the child table.  Lookup the Task Name down to the Sub Task and include it on the report as a column or a report "Group By".

    2. Create a new formula Text field on the Sub Tasks table called Child table called [Sub Table fields for roll up].  Use a formula to combine the field you want to show on the Parent tasks table.

    The Use a Combined Text Summary field to Roll that field up to Tasks.

    Then use this formula to make them into an attractive vertical list for use on Task Reports. 

    var text CombinedText = ToText([My Text Concatenation Field]);

    // substitute new line for semicolon
    SearchAndReplace($CombinedText," ; ","\n")

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)