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3 years ago

Retrieving Lost Data

Newby here. We somehow lost data in a table with 5 years of work in one particular field; Coaching Comments. Its a Multi Line Text field that we recently updated the form on, but that field did not change.

A few days ago, the field and actually the whole coaching section disappeared. We dont know how or why, but its imperative to get that data back as we are a regulated industry that needs to show those comments to authorities when asked.

I added the field back in, but it did not repopulate the old comments, just allowed for new ones.

My questions are:
Is it possible to find that data again somehow?
I thought by adding in the same field again that the data would repopulate automatically, could it be I used the wrong verbiage, even though it's just 2 words?

Any insights or help would be greatly appreciated.

Joe M.

Joseph M.

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  • Email customer support. They do backups every night. I believe they have the data backups from the last 2 weeks.

    They can either send you an excel sheet with the data from the table, which you can simply import (that is what I have done), or do a complete restore of your app. The only data you will be missing is anything from the last backup (I think like 1am EST but not exactly sure) until current time.

    Mike Tamoush
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      ... and I recently learned that they can restore a single table.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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        Single Table? 
        That is big news and eliminates a number of issues that can be caused with a restore.

        Don Larson
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      Thank you for your response. This is great news!

      I will try this and respond back on here in case anyone else has the same issue.

      Thanks again!

      Joseph Muscolina