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2 years ago

return value from quickbase webhook pipeline

I have a pipeline that is triggered via a webhook.  That is, when I call a URL like ""  it runs the pipeline. 

The issue is that I am calling this via a popup window and when it runs the window remains completely blank so the user has no idea if something is happening.   I can write some html/javascript to print something out and call the webhook but I need a way to return a response object or something like that when the pipeline is finished so that I can display "all done" or something like that to the user.   Is there any way to do this?

Andrew Patricio

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  • Have you tried using formula URL's in Kirk Trachy's "Magic Buttons" example app? Specifically "14A. Change Status to Not Started 2.5 Sec DELAY Return (CODE PAGE)". There is a button that links to a code page, which will display a "Processing" screen for X seconds, while the pipeline is running. I use this alot. The user clicks a button. The button formula checks a checkbox, which triggers the pipeline to run. The screen shows Processing, then returns the user to the previous screen.

    Michael Frishman