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3 years ago

RIch text desktop vs mobile

Does anyone know why this doesnt display correctly on mobile? It works on desktop. On mobile, it shows the score and audit date, then stops. If i comment out the audit date line, then it shows score and domicile, then stops. Shows nothing else. It will only show one line after score.

"<b>TO: field will include:<br></b>" & [UP Default To Email List Ver 1] &
"<br><br><b>CC: field will include:<br></b>" & [CC Email List] &
"<br><br><b>Score:</b> " & [Score Formula] &
"<br><b>Audit Date:</b> " & [Audit Date] & //nothing displays after this. If I comment out this line, then the next line displays
"<br><b>Domicile:</b> " & [Domicile - City and State] &
"<br><b>Location:</b> " & [Location - Name] &
"<br><b>Auditor:</b> " & [Employee - Preferred Name] &
"<br><b>Vendor:</b> " & [Active Vendor Snapshot] &
"<br><b>Driver:</b> " & [Driver's Name:]

Near as I can tell there is a max number of lines it will show on mobile? If i add any lines up top, less and less shows from the bottom entries, and vice versa.

Mike Tamoush
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