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3 years ago

Rich Text Field Loses Currency Format in Pipeline

I've got a Pipeline that links to my Google calendar. Everything works fine, but I'm losing the currency format on a field. Is there a way to fix this?

Bethany Hudson

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  • You would need to convert the number to a text string in a formula field. 

    This formula might work

    var number Value = Round([My Currency Field],0.01);
    var text Decimals = "." & Right(ToText(Int(Abs($Value) * 100)),2);
    var text Thousands = If(Abs($Value)>=1000,ToText(Int(Abs($Value)/1000)));
    var text Hundreds=Right(ToText(Int(Abs($Value))),3);

    If($Value<0, "<font color=red>- ")
    "$" & List(",",$Thousands,$Hundreds) & $Decimals)

    Mark Shnier (YQC)