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5 years ago

Send Exact Form in Notification email

Is it possible to send an Exact Form in the body or as an attachment to a notification email?  Also, is it possible to select multiple records in Grid Edit and send all at one time?

Paul Peterson

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  • A great Technique is this to be able to send a really fancy email Notification.

    Compose your perfect words and format using either Word or in fact the Rich Text editor of a Quick Base Page of type Rich Text.  Use Placeholder like this

    [Customer name]

    in the body

    if you are starting from Word copy the Rich Text into a page and save

    Then open the page and click the HTML button.  That make a crazy amount of copy and just copy that.

    Then open an email notification, set it to HTML and paste 'er in.

    Be sure that if you are making any change to do the change in the Page ( and then copy / paste) into the email notification so your clean readable source is that Rich Text page.

    As for your part 2, in fact there is a way.

    Let's say that you have a checkbox in your grid edit called [Requested to send email].

    Make an Automation to that says when the [Requested to send email] is changed to checked to change the value of the field [Actually Trigger email] to checked.

    Then set the email to trigger when the [Actually Trigger email] field changes to checked.

    Curiously, but conveniently, this two step process causes the [Actually Trigger email] field to be changed slow enough to trigger individual emails.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Question about this- I have the .html page working perfect as a notification, but what about displaying a report? I have materials that are connected to a Service Report. They can be displayed on an exact form but when I copy the rich text page html into the notification I can only get the materials to show up as a link...

      Amanda Torrisi
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        np :)

        You recall that when you send a normal email Notification, it gives  you the opportunity to include a copy of the record with this indicator and also to select which form to use.


        So "np", just make a dummy type helper form with no fields except your report link field with the embedded report and hopefully that Service Report "Form" can be the last thing on the HTML page.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)
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