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Qrew Cadet
2 months ago

Send Weekly Reminder Email based on Criteria


I would like to send a weekly reminder email 7 days after the record is created and would like it to keep sending until the Est. Start Date field is filled out. Can this been done? I would like it to only send the records that they are the record owner on.

 As an added bonus is there is a way to have the reminder email to start up again once it reaches the date in the Est. Start Date?

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  • Have you looked into Subscriptions or reminders? Or are you looking for something more robust? 

    If a subscription works fine you just need a report where the Est. Start Date is blank and Record Owner = Current User and then when the subscription sends it will send an email to each person where those two conditions are true and send the email with the records that apply specific to that person. 

    Chayce Duncan