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2 years ago

Sending a report via email

Here is my Loom video link: Finish Button Issues
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Finish Button Issues
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I am just not sure what I am missing.

Jennifer Meyer

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  • I would suggest using instead an email notification triggered by a date/time field which can send an open-email to the [manager email] through Quickbase (with no user involvement) and send the content of the record by embedding a specific form instead of building an email (you can use a Form instead) so the email looks like a Quickbase Form Layout instead.

    Laura Thacker IDS
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    You could make the finish button an API_EditRecord to edit a checkbox to a true value. From there you can generate a Quickbase notification or trigger a pipeline with the Outlook channel. 

    I do this in several places, where a submit button is pressed and it fills out: Submitted By, Submitted Date/Time, and Submitted checkbox. Then triggers an email notification with an action template for a user to complete an action in a record, or a basic template if it is just a notification to a manager.

    Dwight Munson