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12 months ago

Separate out multiselect text field items in a summary report

Hello. I have a multiselect text field 'Construction Plan - ASMT' with 6 values. I need to create a summary report to count the Construction Plan and the status it is in. Screen shot below. 

Without creating a child table for this field, can i create a summary report where the textlist field items are separated out? Today we are doing this in Access.

Thank you.

Uma Harithsa

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  • I think that you should create 6 fields like this example for [Network Drop Count]

    If(Contains(ToText([Construction Plan - ASMT]),"Network Drop"), 1,0)

    Then drop that first group by off the Summary report (Construction Plan - ASMT) and change the report to "summarize what" to be each of the 6 fields.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)