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3 years ago

Share Table Permissions

I have a share table that displays and allows edits of the child records on a parent table.  I would like to lock the field where a role can add but not modify.  I have tried a number of different restriction by role but it still allow the role access to modify on the shared table.

Scott Talarico

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  • Hi Scott,

    Are you looking to lock all their ability to edit the entire record once it has been added or just specific fields? If you are looking to lock the entire record for a role so they can only add records but never edit when you look at the role permissions you would want to remove all modify permissions on that table but leave the Add checkbox checked. In the example photo below I've set my role to have the ability to view any records, modify no records, but they can add them. 

    This would let them go in an add records, view them, but not delete or edit them in any way. You can even get more specific if you like and set it so there are specific conditions they could modify under if you needed. For example, some like to set it so users in that role can modify a record if the admin has checked a "Temporary Access" checkbox field that only admins can see and use. So users can go back and make edits and then the record could be locked down again. Alternatively if you want to get more granular on which fields they can edit and the conditions custom data rules can be set up to help restrict down access by conditions.

    Evan Martinez