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27 days ago

Show Numeric Formula Field as Duration

I am creating a time tracking application. Need to allow for entering actual hours and for the use of a clock in/out option. Here is the set up:

Time Entries - table to track/enter specific work tasks performed for each Project. Time worked can either be entered directly into an Hours Worked (numeric field) or it will calculate Total Time (duration summary field).

Time In/Out - table to clock in/out for a specific Time Entry. All in/out entries are summarized into the Total Time field in Time Entries.

My Time Time Entries table has a field Hours Billed which displays either the Hours Worked or the Total Time. All these fields are visible on the Time Entries form but since they are of different types, they display differently.

Example, if the time entry is for 30 min the:

Hours Worked (numeric) displays as 0.50

Total Time (duration) displays as 0:30

Hours Billed (numeric) displays as 0.50

How can I get Hours Worked and Hours Billed to display like Total Time?

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    POP, I figured it out. Changed the field to a duration formula field and changed display to HH:MM.

    Issue now is another field that calculates Total Charge, isn't displaying correctly.

    Total Charge (currency formula field) is ToHours([Hours Billed])*[Hour Rate]

    Hour Rate (currency field) is $100.00

    Hours Billed is 00:15

    Total Charge should be $25.00 but is displaying as $25.24.