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2 years ago

Smartsheet Integrations

Does anyone have experience linking Smartsheets to QuickBase?  This would include bad experiences if you're willing to share.

There are probably a variety of ways to do so.  The API is the one I'm aware of.

Also curious if anyone has had experiencing integrating Asana or  I see there is a pipeline for so also curious if anyone has gone that route.  

Sorry if this question is a bit open ended.  I'm evaluating PM software for several teams with different use cases, so really, any info is useful.



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  • Yes, I've used the API to pull data from a Smartsheet schedule into Quickbase. It is relatively straightforward. In my case, I deleted everything in the Quickbase table and imported everything back from Smartsheet again (rather than only bringing in the updates).

    I can help you out with it if you need it.

    Edward Hefter