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5 years ago

"Snapshot" reporting on a daily basis

I am importing a list of tickets on a daily basis and generating daily reporting based on the data in those tickets (ie, how many tickets in a specific status, etc). The Key field is the ticket#, not the record#, so when the next day's data is imported, the report information changes to reflect new totals/averages. 

Is there a way to build a report that will log those daily numbers automatically so i can generate weekly/monthly averages & totals based on what the daily#s for each day were? 

10/12 import 100 tickets.  75 of them are in "Scheduled" Status, 25 in "assigned" status
10/13 import 100 tickets.  90 of them are in "Scheduled" Status, 10 in "assigned" status
10/13 import 110 tickets.  100 of them are in "Scheduled" Status, 10 in "assigned" status

In the example, my daily report is fine, but i would like to be able to look back at the end of the week and know what the totals were for each status each day without having to pull my daily report and manually log the totals in a separate field/table.

Basically capturing Summary data per day in an automated report?

Jamie Brown

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    I do this with a child table that holds the status of the parent and the date time stamp of that status.

    Ticket  <<  Ticket Status >>  Status

    Your report is now run against the Ticket Status table instead of the Ticket table.   So if Ticket #1 goes "New", "Assigned", "Scheduled", "Complete"  it will have four records in the Ticket Status Table with the dates of their changes.​

    Don Larson