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3 years ago

Somehow disabled Reports & Charts panel....

I have an app where somehow I disabled the Reports & Charts Panel for everyone except administrators (the dropdown does not even appear for users). Now I want to go back and undo this but cannot figure out where the setting is. Been trying to find it for hours now....does anyone know where this might be?


Brian Petzold

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  • Hi Brian,

    Sorry to hear that, most likely what you have done is removed access to creating reports in their role permissions. If you go into your application settings and then from there into the section Roles you will see a list of all the roles in your application. If you go into one of the roles that can no longer see the Reports and Charts they are looking for there is a section for User Interface where you are able to change up their permissions and restrict what they are able to see, including the ability to access reports or other features. I would look there to see if there is anything restricted (it might help to compare the permissions of that role against the administrator role that can still see everything).

    Evan Martinez