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5 years ago

Sorting in a Summary Report


Does Quickbase have the ability to sort when customizing a summary report?


Jenna Odom

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    If you are creating a summary/cross-tab report, there is no provision to sort by default. However, you can build a work-aournd for sorting your rows and columns but not for values. 

    I usually create formula text fields for row headers and column-headers prefixed with "01-field value", "02-Field value". However, this is again only if you have limited/fixed columns and row headers. If the value is dynamic, this is not the right approach. 

    Typically, use it for status sorting as the values are limited. example if the status is Open, closed, in-progress, hold and if you want to sort it in different order then default alphabetical, use formula text with concatenation . i.e. '01-Open', '02-In-Progress','03-Hold','04-Closed' .

    Babi Panjikar
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      You'd think they would have a fix for this by now ......

  • Is this a Summary report using "cross tabs".  if so, I believe the answer is no.

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