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4 years ago

Specific Subscriptions Send Dates

Hello! Is it possible to set up a subscription email to send every other week on a specific day of the week?

I have a user wanting to receive a subscription email every other Monday and I can't see a way to do this. 


Karen Henke

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  • There is a way to do this.   Make a duplicate copy of your report and suffix the name with (b-weekly Subscription version).

    Make a new field called [This is an even week#]
     with a formula of


    That formula will return true on even weeks of the year.

    Add that condition to be true to your subscription report.  The effect will be that the report will be blank every second week.  Use this in your subscription.  You probably want to include a warning in the description that this report will be blank on weeks of the year which are odd.   That is why you want to have a separate subscription version.  Note that if he user goes back to look at an old email and they are in an odd week that the report will be blank.

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