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2 years ago

Status Icon For Color Blindness

I created a rich text field to report out the status of a record. It appears that QuickBase provides a great library of icons for status - we would like to use the red/green/yellow circles as an example. However, for the color blind, it would be helpful if this also included an "R" in the middle of the red circle, a "Y" in the middle of the yellow circle, and a "G" in the middle of the Green circle.

Is this something I can custom create? Or is this something that QuickBase can provide?

Example of an already available Icon that could be more color blind friendly:


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  • The Standard QuickBase library has 502 icons in five convenience sizes. But obviously they don't have every possible icon. So in your case you would have to get a hold of an icon.  

    One place too shortcut that process is to go into Google Images and then put in the key word for what you are looking for. If you were lucky there will be an icon there that you can use at no charge.  For example I did this search here and got some hits on red circles with an R.  Otherwise you need to hook up with some kind of graphics designer person or mess around yourself to come up with the icon.  

    You will store this image in your own app but it would need to be sure that the images opened up for access to anyone on the Internet or else have a stand alone app with a table opened up to everyone on the Internet so that the image comes through to any of your apps which need the image.  If you get that far and have trouble linking to your own image then just post back and I will help you for the syntax with that.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)