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4 months ago

Stop counting duration after a final date is put in


I have 2 date fields, one of which calculates a duration in another field based of the initial date entered. I would like the duration field to stop counting once the second date field is completed. 

Primary date field is named Admission date

Duration field is named LOS

Secondary date field is named Discharge / Transition Date

I'm unsure how to set this up. 


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  • Something like this should work: 

    if( isnull([Discharge/Transition Date]), Today(), [Discharge/Transition Date]) - [Admission Date]

    Chayce Duncan
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    I am assuming that the Discharge and Admission are each entered at very different times in the work flow.

    LOS, Length of Stay?

    If( isnull([Discharge])=true,  Today()-[Admission], [Discharge]-[Admission])   

    Don Larson