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3 years ago

Stop overzealous end users from saving duplicates


Running into an issue where users of a survey app are accidently saving multiple entries due to how fast they are clicking the green save button.

Any thoughts on how to stop them from submitting the second record?


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    I think unless you want to roll your own form in a code page and use html to hide the save element after it is clicked it is going to be impossible to stop users from spam clicking. I have done this a few times before when it was critical that the user only hit the button once and it wasn't worth training them. To me this is one of those things that falls into user training rather than a software solution but I also get that it seems like companies really don't want to train these days. 

    It kind of sounds like an internal Quickbase issue anyway. I don't think it should be creating multiple records off of several clicks if the first record has not even saved yet.
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      No problem,

      Create two fields on will be called [User and Today's Date formula].  It will be the concatenation of the ToText of he current user and todays date.

      Then have another text field field called [Sorry, your Survey has already been Saved for Today] and mark it as Unique.

      Make a form  rule to populate the text field form the formula field.

      That should work.  The user will try to double save and the message will comer up saying

      "Sorry, your Survey has already been Saved for Today"

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        Maybe I misunderstood the question here but if a user is on a new record and hits save twice, it should only save a single record right? Assuming that they are using the normal native save button.

        I have never seen the double record issue happen. I just tried to make it happen by spam clicking the save button but it doesn't do anything except save a single record, it even appeared to disable the button after I clicked. I assume they have some different set up here than the native button. How else would this happen?