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3 years ago

Stopwatch code update

Trying to implement suggestion described here:


Thread lead to a code pasties that includes the use of iol.  Trying to figure out how to implement this solution without the use of iol reference.  In searching it sounds like I would place both the formula and code into separate code pages, then create a formula url field to call the formula code page which in turn would call the code page.   But I'm still left with what to change the first line of the formula code to.

[iol] & "moduleTimers,js" & [/iol]

When I inserted the formula code into my field I get the error message "Formula error -- Unknown field...the table does not contain a field call iol..."

So if iol can't be called directly from a form/report, do I still need a field called iol or would I remove that first line entirely.



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    Well first of all the iol part as I understood it was an application variable, so it worked in any table. The second part of this is that I doubt that even works at all now considering the update Quickbase did to specifically kill JavaScript in the apps. I know it cannot load the JavaScript but even beyond that I am not even sure the iol part works which I believe was html?

    There are other options available like Service Workers that you can look into that can do the same thing but it is more advanced and I don't think there are any tutorials specific to Quickbase.
  • Hi Ember,

    As Austin indicated this older thread made use of javascript inserted directly into the page and as of August of this year we have removed the ability to insert Javascript into Quickbase outside of code pages. As such the thread you are linking to contains content that would no longer work for your needs or in Quickbase. What is your goal for your stopwatch? It is possible, depending on your goal that we can use other supported tools for Quickbase to achieve something similar or that it could be achieved in a code page with some help from the members of Community who are coding savvy.

    Evan Martinez