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2 years ago

Suggestion for a new Map report showing 'counts', not pins, per state base on state/state abbreviation.

Hi  I know there is a Map  report that can chart out locations if you have an address, however, I have a need for counts per state where I only have a state abbreviation.   I envision a Map with a numerical count per state abbreviation .  I don't believe anything like that currently exits?  Can I throw this in the suggestion bucket please!      Thank you

Barbara Alvarez

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  • OK, I'll take Map Brainteasers for $1,000.

    I did a bit of a test and this approach shows promise.  If you map an Address in US format with just the State, then it plunks the pin down somewhere in the middle of the state.

    So, ..... if you create an [Address State Only] field and use a Pipeline to populate only the state, then you could run a Maps report based on that [Address State Only] address.  The pin will show a count because all of the addresses in that state are at the "same" address.

    Alternatively, I suppose that you could choose a city or perhaps the capital city of every state and contrive a pipeline to populate a mirror field with that exact address of the state capital legislature building.  Maybe have a look at every state and find the little hick town that seems to be most in the geographic middle of the state.     

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)