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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

Summarize value from List-User Field

I have a child table that contains a user-list field.  I want to summarize the user selected from the user-list field in the parent table.  I tried things that normally worked with standard user fields and it didn't work.  How can i create the summary so it appears as a user in the parent table?


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  • Create a field on the child called [UserList (text format)] with a formula of 

    ToText([My User List Field])
    Roll that up to the Parent using a Combined Text summary field.

    Then on the parent make a formula List User field.

    var text AllUsers = ToText([UserList (text format)]);

    var user UserOne= ToUser(Trim(Part($AllUsers,1,";")));
    var user UserTwo = ToUser(Trim(Part($AllUsers,2,";")));
    var user UserThree= ToUser(Trim(Part($AllUsers,3,";")));

    ToUserList($UserOne, $UserTwo, $UserThree) 

    Extend this up to 20 following the pattern.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)